85 dangerous apps for smartphones, if you’ve than uninstalled them now


Apps are the tools that make our mobile phones useable. But however, if you install the apps which makes your phone usage miserable for a whole time. There are many apps designed to convert unwanted viruses and ads which you did not want to see. And if you want to remove these apps so you can not remove them easily from your devices. 

About 85 apps are designed which included gaming, photography, and utility apps. Roundabout 8 million people have installed these apps. Now they are teasing the users to see the unwanted ads and they damage the battery timing of devices.

Bad news for the users that these are not removed easily by the user. These Apps are hidden their secret sources about 30 minutes the user installs them. They make many difficulties to remove them from smartphones. Hidden sources will be able to damage the devices after 30 mins of installation.sources

Apps are forcing the users to see ads which they did not want to see. But the users are forced to see and they can’t do something to remove. And so they are compelled to view them and they have no other choice at that time. 

Now Google and search engines make a step against these apps. They have to remove them from the play store and other sources from people were installed. 85 million people already install them. But now they have advised removing these apps from their smartphones permanently in any way. And Beware the new users about these redundant apps and safe their smartphones and other devices.



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