Great TV Boxes For Android


There are lavish of ways to river movies and shows upright to your tv your best option is a gratuity one of the germination numbers of android tv boxes. River devises irruption on a bespoke version of google’s android os designed for halt exclusively set-top boxes and tv sets. Unlike huge evident chromecast google has been struggled and unsuccessfully (both) with its own android tv box harvest. But gratitude there are lavish of companies that there have been filled and vacant.

Extraordinary android tv boxes:

  • Nvidia Shield TV
  • Xiaomi Mi Box S

Nvidia Shield TV:

Andriod tv box of choice, the Nvidia Shield TV is an exact is also the most costly at $179.

Packing a quad-core Tegra X1 processor, 3GB Ram, and 16GB storage Nvidia shield tv hs been a big app on the play store and the finish list of features.

This android box offers 4k rivers, Dolby Atmos and DTS-X inclose sound has been created 4k chromecast defense can be4 used as a plex media server, and as it is up as a smart home connect with google assistant.

Nvidia shield tv can play android games, river pc titles. There’s even a desire to buy shield tv with Bluetooth controller in a generation to the high-class remote.

There are voice full of a 2019 model entity in the works, but now the 2017 Nvidia shield tv also the best.

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  • Xiaomi Mi Box S:

It is affordable in $69 Xiaomi Mi Box S is a semi upgraded edition of the Xiaomi mi box. This is with recognition core spaces but add 4k hdr defense. Andriod tv is based on Andriod oreo and been google assistant and google cast action baked into the box and remote. If you are satisfied with the 1080p river than the Mi Box S is a well set.  And an inexpensive alternative to the Nvidia shield tv.


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