Monitoring and management of your phone’s WiFi by Facebook


Public use of internet connection at every place. Internet connection is most favorable for the peoples.

The public has been connected with the internet for their own purpose. Like they should be connected with there bank’s account email account and their private data.

People use the internet safely for every public place.

Users have been trusted on facebook for there all things and management. And this is a critical task for the peoples. Some peoples should be misusing of there personal data and some peoples should be facing a big loss.

If turned on, a person who used facebook by getting the wi-fi connection knows a user’s location periodically by using the feature. Reports also revealed that an endpoint in facebook’s server who belonged to our same projects.

And one turned round about 13,000 networks in manhattan. The endpoint now shows empty because originally sure that the name of each internet connection and roundabout join of each network.  

Facebook has been gotten access to the secret data of the users who allow the app to access their location. Apps are allowed by users to share their data with the advertisers. But when the users making an account on this at that users allow the apps to access their personal data. In the accounts and in their devices and their locations.

The access to those which the users can replace or paste in their accounts. Companies can determine the relations between users.  This allows more ads that are more preciously.


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